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After Party/Event Cleaning 

Setting up a party is no piece of cake; it is quite a hefty process and if you want to get it right, then you will need to get someone to get the place properly cleaned before the party begins; and of course after it has ended, you will need someone to come out and clean the mess. Spectrum, with our before and after party cleaning services dispenses a sharp-eyed, talented group of cleaners, who can efficiently get your place looking perfect for the party and have it looking the way it was before once the party has ended.

Why chose us?

Once the party has gone down, our after party cleaners will make order from the chaos. Our services will make sure that:

  • The kitchen is spotless

  • The dishes and glasses washed and put away

  • Bathrooms are tidied up

  • Furniture are back in order

  • The floors are cleaned

  • Trash emptied and put in containers

  • The entire place is cleaned and polished


We are always here for you inquire 


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