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Carpet Cleaning 

You might think that if you vacuum your carpet once in a while, it’ll do the trick, when in fact, a regular vacuum can’t get at the bacteria, dust and allergens that are buried deep within the carpet fibers. Low quality vacuums increase the risk of these particles getting re-released into your home’s environment due to disturbance. A carpet cleaning service in Dubai will use high powered vacuums to clean your carpets and follow this with a shampoo or steam cleaning. These methods are sure to extract everything that is trapped in your carpet and leave it looking and smelling absolutely new.

Why Chose Us?

We take great pride in performing expert carpet and upholstery cleaning services to your family home or your business. For over years we have been consistently providing top quality workmanship and outstanding customer service. Our endeavor is to exceed expectations from the first phone call to the final handshake. Carpets are beautiful additions to any home. However, they can be a pain to clean as well. Worry not for we offer comprehensive carpet cleaning in Dubai!

We will take care of those stains, mud, and dirt for you. Whether those unsightly spots are from spilled food or beverages, or they are dirt tracked in by the people and pets in your home, we will get rid of them without trouble.

Each carpet will be handled with care and cleaned only using non-harmful materials. We also offer vacuuming services. Rest assured that your carpet will be returned to you in good order, minus the grime!

Rags To Riches  provides professional carpet cleaning services. We are dealing effectively with any dirt and all types of carpets: synthetic and woolen, silk, Iranian, hand-made, etc. Our team of experts is using the best detergents on the market and high-quality equipment, which allows:

  • Clean dirt and dust deep inside of a carpet

  • Kill bacteria pollution, which arises due to daily usage

  • Remove different sorts of stains such as food, beverages, animal spots, stains, etc.


We are always here for you inquire 


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