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Mattress Cleaning 

Rags To Riches  provides high-quality mattress cleaning services for Dubai residents. We will remove all stains from your mattresses and thoroughly disinfect them.

A modern steam extraction system is used by our cleaning teams to eradicate all types of germs, bugs, and dust mites that might have spread in your mattresses. Only 100% organic cleaning solutions are used in the process, which makes the procedure completely safe for the environment, even when employed on a daily basis. Heat amounting up to 400 degrees, which is produced by our powerful vacuum dry-steamers, willfully disinfect, sanitize and deodorize your mattress without any chemicals involved in the procedure.

To feel that you have fully recharged your batteries and got a healthy sleep portion every morning is of great significance for your productivity and spirit throughout the whole of the day.

Why Chose Us?

Mattress Shampooing Services in Dubai

                                Mattress shampooing is also available at our company. This option will refresh your mattress like no other service can and make your Sunday morning lie-ins even more delightful.

Mattress Steaming Services in Dubai

                              Another helpful service we provide our customers with is mattress steaming. Rags To Riches  employs completely dry and chemical-free steaming treatment. The procedure is both highly effective and positively safe for all types of mattresses.


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